ULTA Beauty had a question for its clientele: When it comes to makeup, are you Hollywood or Dollywood? To those who weren’t sure – or who might want to check out how the other half lives – we created the perfect place to find the answer: the Trading Faces site.

Trading Faces served as a virtual vanity that allowed a user to apply “makeup” combinations to the face of an uploaded picture of themselves. A subsequent click-through shopping visit to ulta.com could make those results real.

This project had a slew of customized front-end work – including a Model View Controller framework, URL routing for deep-linking, and an iOS physics-based scrolling framework, as well as utilizing CSS3 animations and JavaScript Promises. Oh, yeah, and an aggressive timeline.

Fortunately, we did some practical production up front – early proof-of-concept work and prototyping saved valuable troubleshooting time (and headaches) once the project was up to full speed.

It was a fun, playful campaign in the realm of make-believe with very real bottom-line results. The associated branded video received more than 900,000 YouTube views, with an average time watched of 2 minutes 20 seconds. Initial post-impression activity from the campaign translated into almost $240,000 in revenue on ulta.com. It goes without saying that brand familiarity, brand awareness, and visit intent numbers went up as well.

Hollywood or Dollywood? Hey, it all looked beautiful to us.