Blockchain in a Business Network

Sean Dunn // Back-End Developer

Nowadays it is almost impossible to read or talk about blockchain without someone mentioning cryptocurrencies or thinking the two are the same. The purpose of this post is to show that blockchain is its own technology with many other exciting possibilities. Let’s look at one such possibility: blockchain in a business network. WHAT IS BLOCKCHAIN? […]


JavaScript Tools: A React and Vue Comparison

Riley Adair // Front-End Developer

React, Vue, and Angular are the three dominant JavaScript frameworks in 2019. According to State of JavaScript 2018, React.js and Vue.js have the highest developer satisfaction rates, and these are also the technologies I’ve explored the most to build user interfaces. In this post, we’ll be covering the similarities and differences between the two, and […]

WORK Productivity Project Management

A Three-Phased Approach to Being a More Proactive Project Manager

Collin Smith // Digital Project Manager

The beginning of every project is a crucial time. It sets the tone for the entire project and can either propel you forward or weigh you down, depending on how you approach the unknowns. Project managers have the responsibility to their clients and internal teams to help prepare for the inevitable pitfalls and issues that […]


Describing Color in an Accessible World

Gary Anderson // Production Manager

The Uber-competitor Lyft is more than just an alternative ride-share service. Turns out, it’s pretty conscientious as well. In working on the company’s branding, the design team at Lyft decided to do something radical. Rather than using traditional paradigms to describe color, they created their own, one that took accessibility issues into account at the […]


Annotated React Examples

Muriel Gonzalez // Front-End Developer

Looking for some React to play with? I have commented a handful of examples taken from React’s documentation. These examples cover the very basics of React: JSX, props, component level state, and life cycle. Setup I’ve embedded a JSFiddle below for you to try out the examples and see them for yourself, without any of […]


A Better Understanding of Development Through Sports

Mitch Daniels // Back-End Developer

Development is a vast and multifaceted world that many can get lost in when it is an unfamiliar environment to them. As a developer, I find it to be in my best interest to act as a guide to those who feel lost. In this post, I will provide a brief summary of a commonly […]


Campus Life in a Corporate World

Kelly Yaw // Digital Studio Designer

I recently had the opportunity to travel and do some work for a new client at the agency, Abercrombie & Fitch. Since I’d never traveled for work before, I thought it might be fun and I jumped at the chance. After being asked to go, things moved pretty fast. I would be leaving the following […]


How Instagram Can Foster Communities of Creativity

Collin Smith // Digital Project Manager

There’s no doubt that social media has changed the way we live today. Social media platforms are used in a variety of ways, from making and sustaining new relationships, to building business models that rely on social platforms, to learning and perfecting new skills. Instagram, in particular, has played a key role in the growth […]


Ancient Technology

Cooper Crowell // Business Analyst

New Old Stuff Most of us use digital technology every day and don’t know the history of it. Tech history isn’t exactly riveting, so I understand that. There are no great naval battles for the development of the microprocessor, and nobody deposed an emperor to bring us OLED technology. But it isn’t all boring. Or […]


What if Code Doesn’t Pass the Smell Test?

Roddy McGinnis // Director of Quality Control

At Click Here Labs, when our quality control team conducts a “first pass” at testing a website or mobile app, we use exploratory testing methods to gauge the level of effort that will be required for a given testing project and to uncover any possible weak spots in the application that may yield the greatest […]


The Trends Justify the Means

Jayr Sotelo // Motion Graphics Director

In this day and age of smartphones, scrolling, and “stories,” not just brands but normal people are in need of generating and consuming “content.” As a brand, having “actionable,” “engaging,” and “relevant” content can get your brand millions of followers and your product moving off the shelves. As a normal social media user, making the […]


Challenging the Comfortable

David Woods // Back-End Developer/Tech Lead

It’s easy at larger companies to get comfortable only interacting with the teams/people who are necessary for you to complete your daily tasks. However, this can often cause artificial walls to develop between teams and even groups inside of teams. Recently, I’ve tried to do something about this. While it’s not a breakthrough idea or […]


Trying to Keep Up…

Gary Willmann // Studio Designer

So here I am, 52 years old, a veteran of the old days, i.e., the predigital world… I grew up in a cellphone-free world; our signal to be home was sunset after being gone all day without any communication whatsoever from anyone other than the one or two best buds you hung out with all […]


A Hyper-Local Approach to Social Media

Gary Anderson // Production Director

Social Media? Really? I remember – precisely – my reaction when I saw the email. “Honey…what the heck is this invite you just sent me?” As I peered at my iPhone, trying to comprehend what my wife had just signed me up for, all I could think was, “Great. Another account to have to manage. […]

TECHNOLOGY Productivity

Digital Spring Cleaning

Brenda Talavera // Digital Project Manager

Spring…ahhh, that time of year when the birds are singing, the trees are blooming, and we feel the need to start cleaning up our accumulated clutter. It’s a time when we finally look around and decide what needs to be tossed and what we can’t live without. Just like our physical worlds, our digital worlds […]


The Future of Wearable Technology

Jason Mallott // Front-End Developer

Look around today, and you’ll see a continuous parade of wearable technology. Devices like the Apple Watch, Fitbit, and VR headsets are everywhere. These devices offer a wide range of functionality, from checking your health to keeping in constant communication at the touch of a button. With all the innovations and possibilities that wearable tech […]


Making Animated Characters for a Brand

James Duerr // Motion Guy

Animation is a fantastic way to present a brand. It gives total creative control over a subject, making it easier and quicker to convey the brand’s values and goals through interesting visuals and characters. So why, then, do people create such insipid characters for animations? It seems so simple: just create a “cool,” likable character […]


Debugging Vagrant Hosted PHP through Sublime

Seth McLean // Back-End Developer

It’s no secret – I’m a fan of Sublime Text. It’s my tool of choice for development. It’s lightweight, fast, good at managing projects, and has a host of utilities that make coding and general text manipulation a breeze. Its user interface is clean and uncluttered. Of course, primarily being a text editor, it’s a […]


How Adobe CC Libraries Will Make Designing Easier!

Kacie Carter // Designer

As I talk to my fellow design friends, not many know about or utilize the Adobe Creative Cloud (CC) Library. This is a drag-and-drop library that alphabetically holds images, logos, colors, and styles mapped for time efficacy. It even works across most Adobe applications (Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, etc.). How Do CC Libraries Work? Sharing common […]


Brand Timeline

Jason Jeong // Front-End Team Lead

Have you ever thought about how many brands you use in a typical day? How about how many times a day you use a particular brand? I got curious and decided to create this timeline. It’s very interesting to see the number of different brands you use in any given day, how often you use […]


The Tasty Addiction

Nicole Spiros // Motion Graphics Project Manager

Many of us have experienced the phenomena before. You open up Facebook to get a quick palate cleanser from your daily life. As you aimlessly scroll through a sea of baby announcements, political rants, and travel pictures, something catches your eye. Sixty seconds later, you realize you’ve been mesmerized by a cooking video that makes […]


Bluetooth 5 Is Finally Here

Joseph Perkins // Quality Control Analyst

First, we need some backstory on what Bluetooth is. In essence, Bluetooth is a form of wireless technology that allows devices to connect to each other. This form of wireless connection isn’t the same as the normal Wi-Fi that devices use to connect to the Internet. The wireless connection that Bluetooth uses is called a […]


The Allure of Expertise

Barbara Smith // Copy Editor

One Advertising Problem How to grab consumers’ attention. One Solution Use the allure of expertise. What do I mean by the “allure of expertise”? Well, I recently watched something on TV, not because it was something I cared about, but because I was drawn in by the expertise of the performance. I won’t say what […]


Highlights From My 20th Anniversary Trip

Nancy Hogan // Studio Services Director

Among the many excellent benefits for agency employees is a company-paid “dream trip” after 20 years on the job. Studio Services Director Nancy Hogan recounts her recent “Big 20” voyage below. Jim and I began the trip with four days in Manhattan. Coping with a badly misrepresented Airbnb rental dampened the city experience, but only temporarily. […]

WORK Project Management

Estimates? We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Estimates

Joe Wilson // Production Director

There has been a “conversation” going on in project management circles for the better part of five years about the practicality of doing estimates and whether we should just stop even trying. I use the quotation marks because it more closely resembles the political shouting match you enjoy with your uncle once a year at […]


Requirements Architecture as Film Production

Shawn Ewert // Digital Requirements Architect

I’ve always been the guy who knew how to get the right answers from people, even when everyone couldn’t really agree on the questions. Using that, I found a way to parlay my attention to the most granular detail into a career, and began my life as a Requirements Architect. My brain constantly picks things […]


Making Images Work for Banners

Bryan Vorel // Multimedia Programmer

When Flash was king, we were stuck with a lousy 40K file size limit for a standard ad unit. Now with the death of Flash and the rise of HTML5, we are given an opportunity to do slightly more creative things with banner ads. With the recent draft specifications released by the Interactive Advertising Bureau […]


Qualia and Strong AI

James Michals // Multimedia Developer

Consciousness. What is it? Does it require a body to exist, a metabolism, neurons, and synapses? Truly, consciousness is the only thing we can be sure of. Everything else is an inference. We are talking about the inner experience; is the red I see the red you see? The process of going from brain to […]


Do You Still Read Blogs?

Eric Anderson // Digital Project Manager

You probably don’t read blogs. Don’t worry…I have a TL;DR at the bottom of this, so you don’t have to read the whole thing…High five! I actually used to be an avid reader of the most popular technology, gadget, sports, and video game blogs. Nowadays, I find myself scanning blog posts for the information I […]


E-Health: Tracking Your Health With Technology

Meredith Ford // Digital Studio Designer

Do you strive to become the healthiest version of yourself? With everything around us becoming “smarter,” you have more and more chances to track your health on the most minute level. When the e-fitness revolution started, you had to log everything yourself. With new innovations in technology, it has become even easier to track your […]


Two Traits That Keep Eyeballs on Your Message

Joel K. Thomas // Copy Editor

Brevity “You cannot bore people into buying your product.” Thus spake the eminent David Ogilvy during the era of print, radio, and three-network television – but it applies to the Internet too, and every other mode of human communication yet to come. “You cannot bore people into enduring your next sentence, paragraph, page, or link.” […]


In the Dash of an Eye

Shayna Fung // Digital Project Manager

The concept behind the Amazon Dash Button is to help people get one step closer to living in a world where everything is connected and where users’ needs and wants can be met without the use of a computer. The Amazon Dash Button allows shoppers to order their favorite products from Amazon. That is, if […]


The Psychology of Web Design

Don Brown // Studio Designer

Or “How to Get in Their Heads” Whether I’m shopping for a new table tennis paddle or a new car, or maybe I’m just trying to learn something new, when I pull up a website, I want it to be a fun, meaningful experience. I want to feel good about my site choice, and I […]

VIDEO WORK Productivity

Let’s Fix It Before Post

Erin Cole // Motion Graphics

Preproduction for Motion Graphics IS Planning Ahead Ever heard the phrase “We’ll fix it in post”? It sounds like an innocuous phrase, said by plenty of carefree and optimistic people in many different production processes. However, it is also one of the most damaging to the cost and time for your project. When you procrastinate […]


Promises in the Real World

Cory Hudson // Senior Front-End Developer

JavaScript promises have become a popular way to handle the tangled mess that JavaScript’s asynchronous nature often creates for us. Promises are very simple but can be very powerful and flexible. In this blog entry, I’m going to show some interesting real-world applications of promises that I’ve used over the last few years that you […]


Form. Function. Feelings.

Nancy Hogan // Director of Studio Services

My 28-minute DART rail commute to and from work provides me with a great opportunity to chill out and listen to podcasts. One of my favorites is the “TED Radio Hour.” If the teaser snippets sound intriguing, the full TED talk is usually worth the time. This past May 20, a story called “The Power […]

WORK Project Management

The Project Manager-Producer Hybrid

Katherine Broyles // Project Manager

I’ve been called many things in my agency career: account executive, traffic manager, project manager, digital producer. Not only is my mom confused by what any of those titles mean, but it seems like the agency world is also confused by how each of these titles is different from the other. Are the roles and […]


Being a Better Developer Is Not About the Framework

Chad Bull // Interactive Developer

Sometimes developers get stuck in a rut. And sometimes we are seen by those in the creative world as dream killers. There’s a way out of both problems: You have to stretch yourself and look for a solution. The rut comes with always doing the same thing the same way, and sometimes it comes from […]


Less Is More: Anticipatory Design to Simplify User Choice

Luke A. Lancaster // User Experience Architect

While on a call to the auto shop, the service representative asked me what time I’d like to schedule my appointment. She then replied with my name and my car information without my ever having given it to her. Magic? Clearly, she somehow cross-referenced my caller ID against her records, but she anticipated my needs […]


How Businesses Can Utilize Slack to Create a Community of Brand-Loyal Customers

Collin Smith // Digital Project Management Intern

It is a goal of every business to connect with its consumers, be it in person, on social media or some other digital tool. After reading an article from Buffer Social on how and why businesses should create a Slack community, I knew that with the right approach this could be a great strategy to […]


The Pixel Pusher’s Guide to Web Design

Kelly Yaw // Digital Studio Designer

As web designers, we have a lot of things to remember when starting a new project. Even though each one is unique, there are workflow and QC tasks that should be done every time, no matter what. From websites to apps to static ad units, follow these guidelines and you’ll be off to a great […]


The Genius of LIKEtoKNOW.it

Kari Berdelle // Digital Project Manager

Last month was monumental for Instagram. It surpassed 500 million monthly users and gained more than 100 million users in the past nine months alone. And there is no social media platform as essential to a fashion blogger as Instagram. It’s perfect for sharing the classic “outfit of the day” (#OOTD) and other fashion-related posts […]


Automated Test Planning Models for Agile Development

Roddy McGinnis // Director of Quality Control

Automated testing is often touted by Agile experts as an essential component in the Agile development process. Including automated testing in your Agile projects seems like a no-brainer, but knowing how and when to use automation in any given project requires a lot of thought and planning, especially in the cost-conscious world of digital advertising […]


Teach Your Kids to Fix Your Wi-Fi Router in the Future

Roberto Gutierrez // Multimedia Developer

A few years back, we, as a civilization, put clocks on our phones so that we don’t have to look at our watches, and with the development of the Apple Watch, we put phones on our watches so that we don’t have to look at our phones anymore. What I’m getting at is technology and […]

TECHNOLOGY Productivity

My Travel Tool Kit

Kelly O’Neill // Project Manager

If all goes according to plan, I’ll be on a Greek island when this article is published. Yay, me! And as carefree and breezy as that sounds, I don’t travel anymore without the help of some very essential travel tools. I got the travel bug early in life. And while I don’t travel as much […]

WORK Productivity

Exercises to Keep Your Brain Mentally Fit

Kerry Faulkner // Graphic Specialist

Remember the days when you needed to get directions from a friend to a place you’d never been or when you actually had to use a map to find your way? I usually memorized the directions given me and never really had a problem finding where I was going. My reality now is that I […]


WordPress Is About to Catch Up to the Rest of the Web

Mike Grotton // Front-End Developer

Since its introduction as a branch of trendsetting blogging software b2/cafelog, WordPress has evolved to become much more than just a tool for fledgling writers to easily get their thoughts and opinions onto the web browsers of the world. As any diehard WordPress developer will tell you, the platform has evolved to be a mostly […]


Gathering and Organizing Content

Vanessa Correa // Multimedia Developer

As web designers and developers, we sometimes come across a common problem with our clients when we begin work on a new website for them: “The Content.” You might be wondering what I mean by “The Content.” This is the text, photos, videos and other possible social content that might be included if the client […]


I Can Do That Myself

Cooper Crowell // Business Analyst

  About two years ago, I decided I wanted to get into woodworking. I grew up in a family of woodworkers and craftspeople. My parents are both incredibly handy. My dad is a former professional carpenter who built beds for his kids, finished out my childhood house and built himself a boat. My mom wove […]


Technology in the 2016 Rio Olympics

Brenda Talavera // Project Manager

The 2016 Rio Olympics are just around the corner and for us sports-crazed fans, it will be a great time to get our geek on! The times have changed since we had to stay up all night waiting for our favorite sport to come on network TV. In addition to the constant streaming of information […]

WORK Productivity

14 Simple Ways to Destress at Work

Terri Wells // Studio Designer

We all feel stress at work from time to time. With that in mind, there are some simple techniques to undo its effects. The following tips will help you feel calm in no time at all. Take a Tea Break Try some chamomile tea, known for its calming properties. Or sip an aromatic cup of […]


Web Development Is a Social Enterprise

James Pierce // Back-End Developer

Contrary to popular depiction, professional software development is an inherently social enterprise. The astute developer quickly recognizes that writing code that works is only the beginning of the job, and that to really get cooking, their code needs to communicate effectively with the rest of the team. If I am sick in bed or on […]


Bots Are Back

Eloy Tavera // Quality Control Analyst

Chatbots are nothing new; they have been around since the time of AOL’s Instant Messenger (AIM). But modern chatbots can be interfaced with verbally rather than through text like their predecessors. Siri is an example of a bot that got people used to asking their phones questions in natural language. Phil Libin, co-founder of Evernote, […]


Treehouse Meets Digital Tools

Betsy Perkins // Studio Designer

When I was a kid, I wanted to live in a tree. To be exact, I wanted to live in the Swiss Family Robinson tree. Since moving to Texas, my home has been a small two-story house sitting on a large lot full of trees. All the main living areas are on the second story, […]


Internet of Things

Steven Morvay // Digital Developer

In the digital world, “things” come and go. But the “Internet of Things” is here to stay. The Internet of Things is the network of physical objects – devices, vehicles, buildings and other items – embedded with electronics, software, sensors and network connectivity that enable these objects to collect and exchange data. Everything Will Be […]


The Call for Captions

Krissy Lam // Project Manager

My mom has always wanted to learn to play the violin. Coming from a family of music lovers, she had played the trumpet and piano growing up, but had no prior experience with a stringed instrument. After a bit of research, she found a violin with good reviews online and placed the order. She thought […]


Digital Marketing and E-Commerce

Drake Williams // Motion Graphics

Even though digital marketing and e-commerce are on the rise, some businesses are still finding it difficult to convert website visits into actual sales. There are several things a brand can do to help this, but understanding mobile commerce and how it works is one large step toward perfecting your brand’s mobile marketplace. Here are […]


Back in the Saddle Again

Amy Butscher // Presentation Designer

Now that I am single again, I wondered how the digital world would impact my life. Dating sites, of course. Here are the top five dating sites according to Consumer-Rankings.com. Zoosk.com Recommended Age: 18-50+ Rating: 9.8/10 People often ask which dating site is right for them, because most dating sites offer a one-size-fits-all, quiz-based experience. […]


Addressing the Usability Issues of Flat Design

Brian Edgin // UX Architect

What we now refer to as flat design started in 2013 with the launch of iOS 7, the operating system for Apple iPhone and iPad. Prior to iOS 7, the user interface (UI) on Apple’s devices was heavily skeuomorphic, meaning that digital elements were designed to mimic their real-world counterparts. (The Notes app, for example, […]


Work-Life Balance in This Technology-Crazed World?

Jennifer Duncan // Project Manager

Work-life balance has been talked about for decades, and there was a time, not that long ago, when the boundaries between work and home were fairly clear. Today, however, by having technology at our fingertips – being able to work from anywhere, anytime – the line between our work and personal lives has blurred like […]


Website High Availability and Power Grid Reliability

Peter Stettner // Project Manager

An Ignored Co-Dependence of Our Internet Website hosting availability (high availability) is communicated as a percentage of uptime and defined by how many “nines” are in the percentage. One big factor that is not figured into this equation is the reliability of the country’s power grid to feed power to run the Internet. In information […]


Digital Footprint

Patty Miller // Studio Designer

On the Internet, a digital footprint is the word used to describe the trail, traces or “footprint” that people leave online. This is information transmitted online, such as a forum registration, emails and attachments, uploading videos or digital images, and any other form of transmission of information – all of which leave traces of personal […]


Form vs. Function? How About Form AND Function…

Gary Anderson // Production Manager

I had an interesting conversation with a former co-worker last year. A front-end developer. Nice kid. Matt posited that his work as a developer should be considered “art.” He didn’t particularly like being labeled an “engineer.” His argument was that he was as passionate about writing code as any painter is about a canvas, as […]


NPM as a Build Tool

Muriel Gonzalez // Front-End Developer

Some Background “For many years, JavaScript had a single widely accepted module format, which is to say there was none. Everything was a global variable, petulantly hanging off the window object. This invited risky propositions, too sweet to ignore, and some of us began monkey-patching built-in objects. Chaos prevailed. We had run amok. The JavaScript […]


Good Grammar Is Crucial to Creating a Good First Impression

Jim Schnetz // Digital Copy Editor

The importance of using good grammar was introduced to me at a very early age by my mother, an English teacher who would correct my mistakes in the notes I left her on the kitchen table. Creating a good first impression was a lesson I learned from my dad, who used to stress how critical […]


Texting Your Customers Can Send the Wrong Signal

Ryan Bates // Studio Designer

According to a study by the Pew Research Center’s Internet and American Life Project, 73% of U.S. adults text and 83% of U.S. adults are mobile phone owners. So it’s understandable that in this day and age, a large segment of that population prefers to be reached by text message rather than a phone call. […]

WORK Project Management

Estimation and Assumptions 101

Jim Elmer // Project Manager

In an agency environment, estimating and assumptions are a big part of the job for most of us. However, there’s always a tendency to try and get quick estimates, or the infamous “ballpark” when there isn’t time to thoroughly estimate a project. Given the frequent need for these quick-turn estimates, here are a few key […]


Animating the Front-End with GSAP

Mike Hopkins // Multimedia/Front-End Developer

Animation in the browser used to be limited to what you could animate in Flash or what you could fit into a GIF. jQuery introduced front-end developers to some basic animation tools, and since they were built into the jQuery library, they were the main go-to. CSS3 came along and introduced limited, key-frame-based animations, without […]


The Force Is Strong With This One

Alan Morkovsky // Project Manager

In mid-November 2015, Google let its geek flag fly as it asked users to “Awaken the Force Within” with their Google Star Wars Experience tool. With the tool, users can transform familiar Google apps with a fresh coat of Imperial or Rebel paint. Along with the “Jakku Spy” Google Cardboard App and in-browser phone-paired “Lightsaber Escape,” Google raised the […]


Raising Awareness Through Social Media

Danny Griffis // Studio Designer

Recently, #BringBackMST3K raised $5,764,229 and surpassed The Veronica Mars Movie Project ($5,702,153) to become Kickstarter’s most funded film and video project. In doing this, Mystery Science Theater 3000, a cult television show from 1988 to 1999, was able to bring back a full season of the show to new and loyal fans. The team at […]



David Lacy // Business Analyst

We’ve all been there. Browsing our favorite site on the Internet, when a seizure-inducing, flashing ad pops up on the screen. Most of us simply close the offending ad and continue on our way. Others will exit out of the page completely. And then there are those who are so irritated by the intrusion that […]


To CMS or Not to CMS. That Is the Question.

David Woods //  Development Technical Lead

No one enjoys driving on roads under construction. Building a brand-new highway with four exits and no traffic is a lot easier than adding three exits to an existing – already crowded – one-exit highway. In this analogy, cars are your site’s features and the highway is your content management system (CMS). When under construction, […]


It’s Time for Standardization

Jason Mallott // Front-End Developer

Lately, I’ve noticed a glaring need for standardization in the world of front-end development. With the changes in technology and the overwhelming number of frameworks and libraries out there, front-end development has become quite chaotic. Long gone are the days when we could grab a PSD, a simple IDE and a browser, and build cutting-edge […]


All Access(ibility) Pass

Shawn Ewert // Business Analyst

If you are reading this article right now, chances are somewhere in the neighborhood of 6 to 1 that you are reading it without the use of any kind of assistive technologies. That’s great, but what about the other 15% of Internet users? How does their Internet experience differ, and why should brands be concerned […]

WORK Project Management

Surviving The Project Wilderness

Joe Wilson // Production Director

Project Initiation Early in 2015, I made up my mind to attempt a solo thru-hike of the Lone Star Hiking Trail (LSHT). At 128 miles (with loops), the LSHT is the longest wilderness footpath in Texas. It runs through the 163,037-acre Sam Houston National Forest about 50 miles north of Houston. Considering it would be […]


Making Git Workflows Work

Seth McLean // Back-End Developer

I remember the first time I encountered Git version control. I’d like to think I started the same way as many – you hear about this great tool and how important it is, so you get curious and meander over to GitHub. You follow a few steps, start playing with your first repository, and then […]


eSports, a New Era in Advertising

Eric Anderson // Project Manager

  An Introduction to eSports eSports is just a bunch of nerdy kids who are playing simpleminded games in their parents’ basement, right? Not so much. So, what exactly is eSports? It’s essentially organized competition between teams or players who are playing against each other in a computer or video game. These games are typically […]


Making Difficult Animations Work for Banners

Bryan Vorel // Multimedia Programmer

When Flash was king, we were stuck with a lousy 40K file size limit for a standard ad unit. Now with the death of Flash and the rise of HTML5, we are given a slightly new opportunity to do more creative things with banner ads. With the recent draft specifications released from the Interactive Advertising […]

ADVERTISING STANDARDS Productivity Project Management

The Project Manager’s Toolbox

Katherine Broyles // Project Manager

What do you do? It’s a question with which we’re all too familiar. Unfortunately, after six years, I still haven’t found a concise way to describe my job title. Other agency disciplines can be consolidated into a single action verb: creatives create, strategists strategize, producers produce. Project managers manage projects? The ambiguity of our job […]


Double jQuery Jeopardy

Cory Hudson // Front-End Developer

The jQuery JavaScript library is a wonderful tool. It’s also very popular, being used on 65% of the Top 10 million highest-trafficked sites on the Web. Unfortunately, jQuery’s popularity, combined with third-party JavaScript code, can contribute to a subtle bug that can be hard to track down and understand the first time you encounter it. […]


Once Upon a Time…

Landon Montgomery // Digital Production 

When I was seven years old, I wrote a single-page story boldly predicting that I would play professional soccer in Alaska when I grew up. That, or I’d become a writer. Failing either of these (apparently, I was a rather paranoid wee lad), I’d just make video games for a living. What a thing to […]


3-D Print Prototyping

Brian Edgin // User Experience Architect

Whether it is for your brand, your clients or to earn new business, we are constantly looking for ways to step outside the box. Making two-dimensional prototypes has always been part of what a branding agency does. Now, with the advent of low-cost 3-D printing, we have the ability to build high-quality 3-D prototypes in-house. […]


Operating Without a Standard

Chad Bull // Interactive Developer

We are at a tipping point in online advertising (OLA) after the recent announcement that Google Chrome will – by default – block Flash ads starting in September. This is the final nail in the coffin for Flash-based ads, and it elevates HTML5 as the option of choice for OLA animation. Flash is finished, HTML5 […]


Comma Karma

Joe Jansen // Proofreader

“Hey, Uncle Pal Joey,” you say, “there are quite a few commas in this sentence, my verbose, well-meaning and, more often than not, jocular friend. What’s up with that?” Glad you asked. I was going to write a short sentence to start, but I found a few commas in the trash can and didn’t want […]


A Guide to Webfonts and Typography

Susan Berry // Front-End Developer

We’ve come a long way with web typography since the dawn of the Web. As web typography improves, web designers want the same level of control that print designers have. Designers want more options than just Verdana, Helvetica and Georgia, and they want all the control Photoshop or Illustrator affords them. So how do designers […]


Meaningful Micro-interactions

Wanda Lipscomb // User Experience Architect

If you love a product – your phone, a new wearable, that great app – chances are, it’s because of the microinteractions designed into the product user experience. Every time you unlock your smartphone, pull down to refresh, glance at the typing indicator while chatting, swipe to delete an email or glance at your Apple […]

ADVERTISING Productivity

Mountain Biking and the Art of Project Management

Joe Wilson // Project Manager

Several years ago, I rather naively took up the sport of mountain biking. I’ve always had a casual interest in cycling and would often ride my bike on the many roads and paved trails around my house. It was fun and a good way to get a little exercise. So when my brother asked me […]


Don’t Just Learn How to Code. Learn How to Think.

Muriel Gonzalez // Front-End Developer

  Illustration by David Plunkert   I personally think everyone should learn how to program. Not just because that’s what I do, and I absolutely love it, but because software has taken over the world. Everyone is coding, and we are surrounded by code. You have wearable technology, you can turn on your car using […]


Inspiration Invitation

Kelly Westerholt // Yoga

Our new building is amazing in so many ways: The bigger stairwell. The open, collaborative atmosphere. The stunning views of downtown. But my favorite addition is the yoga room. It’s a safe, quiet place to reconnect. To heal my body. To regain lost energy. The word “yoga” often strikes fear in the minds of beginners. […]


Virtual Scrum Boards

Joe Wilson // Project Manager

Digital marketing often requires the undertaking of large, complex projects. Whether it is an enterprise-level website or a complicated native mobile application, the key to executing these projects is breaking them down into smaller, more manageable steps. As the saying goes, “Rome wasn’t built in a day.” Increasingly, agencies are turning to agile practices such […]


Guarding the Brand – Even in the Office

Joe Jansen // Proofreader

In the advertising world, proofreaders can seem like an uptight bunch. Actually, most of us are human. One thing a good proofreader isn’t: an enabler. That’s why, for better or worse, you’re likely to get an (over)explanation for some corrections we make – usually for persistent errors. It’s to teach and to improve the work, […]


Development Communication

David Woods // Back-End Developer

For most developers, communication is not one of the first things that comes to mind when they self-assess their skill set. However, communication is a key quality in a good developer. To create an efficient workflow from idea inception to product launch, it is key for everyone to be in communication with one another. As […]


Survival Skills in the Office

Alex Sanchez // Business Analyst

There are few things that are more desperate and frightening than being lost in the wilderness with few supplies and no way of knowing how long you’ll be lost. This is when you have to rely on survival skills to weather the situation until you can be found. Survival is when you find yourself in […]


Yeah, But What Do You Do?

Shawn Ewert // Business Analyst

It’s invariably the question I get asked every time I tell someone what I do for a living. When I tell people that I am a Business Analyst, in some form or another they always ask the follow-up “What does that mean?” Depending on the person to whom I am talking and the amount of […]


The Death of Internet Explorer

Chris Kobler // Front-End Developer

There was a time when Internet Explorer was synonymous with the word “browser.” In the days before the mobile Internet, the resurgence in popularity of Apple computers and the introduction of WebKit-enabled browsers, there was only one browser that really mattered: Internet Explorer. In fact, in the fourth quarter of 2004, Internet Explorer had a […]

DESIGN Productivity

Rebooting Our Brain

Nancy Hogan // Studio Manager/Designer

For those of you who know me, you know that I’m a high-energy, doesn’t-know-how-to-relax person who could use a vacation – even when I’m on vacation! I don’t know how to turn off my brain. My acupuncturist calls it “Monkey Brain.” You know what I’m talking about…waking up at 2:00 a.m., looking at the clock […]


Browser Support? More Like Device Support

Jason Jeong // Front-End Developer

What is the definition of browser support these days? It used to be a straightforward definition – supporting web browsers on a desktop machine. Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and Safari come to mind. Lately, however, browser support has become more device support. In addition to supporting all the browsers on a desktop machine, mobile devices […]


Your Workouts Just Got Smarter

Shayna Fawcett // Fitness Fanatic 

Words to Live By In the words of Elle Woods from Legally Blonde, “Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy.” And it looks like there are A LOT of happy [and fit] people in 2015. The digital fitness craze is on, and has been for some time. The health and fitness community has seen […]


Performance as Design

Jason Mallott // Front-End Developer

With much of the world swiftly moving toward mobile, the time has come to look at the way we design as well as develop websites. With the introduction of media queries and responsive techniques, websites have become a great fluid frontier featuring robust desktop designs and scaled-down versions for their mobile counterparts. Unfortunately, with great […]


Distance Searching and MySQL

Seth McLean // Back-End Developer

So here’s a fairly common situation: Your organization has a handful of locations, and you want to provide a tool for people to find the one closest to them. Whether it’s a selection of retail partners providing your product or just some branch office locations, the convenience of letting people know where they can find […]


Why Can’t I Just Use That Picture I Found on Google?

Shawn Ewert // Business Analyst

While it is never a good idea to claim an image found online as your own, there are a lot of gray areas that surround copyrighted images and their usage online. I have to start out by saying I am not an attorney and am by no means giving legal advice. However, as a business […]


Automated Website Testing

Christopher Gaspard // Quality Control Analyst

So I was busy doing some of the old click/look-click/look, like you do when you’re a Quality Control Technician, when I was told that the guy in charge of scripting our automated website testing, let’s call him Meich, had put in his notice to move closer to his family. “I guess I have two weeks […]


InVision – A Prototyping, Collaboration and Workflow Platform

Bryan Vorel // Interactive Programmer

Are you looking for a much easier way to show your designs to clients, without having to try and explain through static images, PDFs or even wireframes? Consider InVision. With the InVision app, you can now quickly transform your design into a fully interactive prototype with complete gestures and animations that can be used for […]


Weighted Random Numbers

Sean Eshbaugh // Back-End Developer

When generating sample data, it’s not uncommon to need data with some sort of weighted distribution. For such sampling, Math.random() (or your language’s random number function) can be a bit too random. Today, we’ll be taking a look at a simple and extensible method for generating weighted random numbers in JavaScript. Before we examine any […]


More Than a Mommy Blog

Kari Berdelle // Project Manager

Blogging. What do you think of: Mommy bloggers? Cat pictures? People who rant? Duck-faced, 20-something “selfies”? Although these kinds of blogs and bloggers do exist, blogging as an industry is making a big splash in the world of marketing. Full disclosure: I love reading blogs. I have been following a handful of them for a […]


Click Here Labs Prompts Adobe to Modify Its Product

Gary Anderson // Digital Project Manager

Nearly two years ago, in an effort to help our clients move to HTML5 for online advertising, Click Here Labs began using the create.js export out of Adobe Flash as one of our solutions for producing standard ad units. This allowed us to maintain our streamlined workflow, keep consistent creative quality and deliver units that […]


JavaScript Here, There and Everywhere

Cory Hudson // Front-End Developer

It’s hard to keep up with the latest news about the Web and technology without hearing something about JavaScript. From its humble beginnings as a way to make web pages interactive, JavaScript has expanded into uses far beyond its creator’s original intentions. JavaScript was long considered a second-class citizen and was often derided for not […]


End of Summer

Jayr Sotelo & Jarrod Simpson // Motion Graphics

Music: Walk, Don’t Run by Herb Albert & The Tijuana Brass We are celebrating the end of the hot summer and welcoming beautiful autumn and winter. Enjoy! End of Summer 2014 from Click Here Labs on Vimeo.


Content vs. Design: The Chicken and the Egg

Wanda Lipscomb // User Experience Architect

Perhaps you’ve seen it before. You start a new digital project and the copy is not quite available, but you have to start somewhere. So you begin designing the new digital solution. You use placeholder greeked copy in the interim. A few weeks pass, and the approved copy arrives. Suddenly what you expected to be […]


Xcode Dependency Management Using CocoaPods

Shawn Scarsdale // Developer

I’ve been using Parse as a back-end for several of my iOS projects. Parse is a great service that makes it really easy to get everything up and running quickly. The only downside is that in addition to its SDK, Parse also requires you to install a lot of additional libraries to your project. To […]


A Look at the New Foursquare

Barron Swope // Project Manager

A few weeks ago, the popular social check-in app Foursquare unveiled a major redesign of its app. Like thousands of others, I, too, was not thrilled with the changes, but I’ve spent the last several days experimenting with Foursquare and its new counterpart, Swarm. Let’s take a look. Before I get into the new platform, […]


How Apple Passbook & Google Wallet Can Help

Stefanie Thompson // Project Manager

Extreme couponers, put the scissors down and the fanny packs away, this is a digital intervention. Say good-bye to the ubiquitous dashed lines, bulging pocketbooks and embarrassing purse prospecting for small snippets of savings gold. The mobile wallet is here to save the day, and the best part is it’s easy for brands and advertisers […]


Be a Purple Squirrel

Kelly O’Neill // Project Manager

Have you ever thought about being a purple squirrel? Whether because of your calculated genius, or sheer luck, you may already be a “purple squirrel” and not even know it. You’re just doing the best you can with your talents, and BAM! – it happens. In the recruiting world, the “purple squirrel” is a metaphor […]


Cucumber: A Great Tool for Behavior-Driven Development

Fernando Aleman // Back-End Developer

Behavior-driven development (BDD) is an approach to software development designed to start with the piece of functionality that is most important to your user by discovering what our software should do, specifying it clearly and validating that the software does and continues to do what we intend. Cucumber is a tool to support behavior-driven development […]


Reflections of a Project Management Intern

Nicole Chun // Project Manager Intern

As I finish up my summer internship here at Click Here Labs and The Richards Group, I wanted to spend a little time to reflect and hopefully provide useful information for those of you who are interested in becoming a future project management intern or are curious about the advertising industry as a whole. Anyone […]


Collaborative Productivity Tools

Alex Sanchez //  Business Analyst

Traditionally, when colleagues needed to collaborate, there was the headache of scheduling a meeting that worked for all the necessary stakeholders, putting together a streamlined agenda and planning an efficient work session. If the meeting went off track, then you would have to repeat the process until you addressed all the issues. Each time the […]


Breaking Through the Static

Chad Bull //  Multimedia Developer

The online advertising (OLA) world has been trying to figure out its future for years. The industry has been slow to acknowledge and adapt to the mobile/PC landscape. Being stuck in the tried-and-true ways of the past has led to regression in the way we engage our OLA audience. The time is now to embrace […]


Beacons: Part 2 – Application

Brian Edgin // User Experience Architect

In Part 1 of this post, we covered the technology behind and limitations of beacons. As discussed in Part 1, beacons have some limitations. One of the most important to understand is their lack of accuracy over distance. Because of this limitation, most implementations involve tagging each location of interest with its own beacon. If […]


Just My Type

Katherine Fajen // Project Manager

I am a lover of many things, but I am particularly a lover of beautiful type. I always have been. Typography conveys so much more than words to the viewer. It is one of the most important parts of a design for both print and digital work. In the past, we were limited to a […]


Beacons: Part 1 – Technology

Brian Edgin // User Experience Architect

Just over a year ago, Apple introduced iOS7 and, for those who paid very close attention, iBeacons. It wasn’t mentioned at all in the keynote, but only appeared inconspicuously on a single slide shown that day. To be clear, “iBeacons” is Apple’s own name for the technology, and, as frequently happens, that name has popularly […]


Virtual Reality vs. Augmented Reality

Eric Anderson //  Project Manager

Technology is growing and improving at an exponential speed. Consumers are presented with so many different and new forms of technology. A couple of these items are virtual reality and augmented reality. Does the average consumer really know the difference between virtual and augmented reality, though? Virtual reality (VR) totally immerses the user in a […]


Good Performance Is Good Design

Susan Berry // Front-End Developer

It’s no secret that in recent years smartphone and tablet use has grown exponentially, and on many websites mobile is overtaking desktop traffic. The “mobile first” philosophy is finally becoming more commonplace as many websites embrace responsive design. Designers and user experience (UX) team members have become focused on rethinking the creative and user experience […]


Not Your Daddy’s Parallax

Shawn Ewert // Business Analyst

Anyone who has spent any time browsing the Web in the past couple of years has seen someone making an attempt at parallax design. Parallax design involves the background moving at a different rate than the foreground, creating a 3-D effect as you scroll down the page. Some sites are very successful and create an […]



Brooke Dudgeon // Designer

I moved into a new place two months ago and, soon after, purchased a shower curtain. Riveting, I know. I’d like to share what that little piece of Swedish perfection has revealed to me and how it relates to my recent transition from traditional print to web design. One magical day, the package arrived. It […]


The Future Is Here: 3-D Printing Brand Experiences

Wanda Lipscomb // User Experience Architect

This past week, New York City staged a runway fashion show entirely of 3-D-printed high-fashion wearable technology. The incredible technology of 3-D printing is being used everywhere to create ready-to-wear fashion, useful household items, tools, toys and games. Medical professionals are using 3-D printing to create customized hearing aids and leg braces, as well as […]


TV Viewing How You Want It

Anthony Young // Studio Designer

For years, many customers have been “cutting the cord” with their cable providers, but one hurdle has been getting access to premium content they would like to watch. Shows such as AMC’s “The Walking Dead” and “Mad Men” on basic cable plans or HBO’s “Game of Thrones” and “True Blood” on cable premium packages are […]


Facebook’s Paper: Your News Feed Beyond Your Friends

Tali Swann-Sternberg // User Experience Architect

This week Facebook released Paper, a stand-alone iPhone app that reimagines the mobile Facebook experience. At its core, Paper is your Facebook news feed, repackaged. This is not to undervalue the new package. With Apple alum Mike Matas leading its design, Paper offers a beautiful, minimalist interface that eschews chrome in favor of a gesture-focused […]


Accessibility 101

Natalie Wilson // Digital Project Manager

Accessibility sounds like a good idea, right? The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is legit. Everyone agrees we should have ramps as an alternative to stairs. And who doesn’t love the extra-big bathroom stall? But let’s talk about accessibility online. Does that mean keyboards with braille? Well, no, that’s just silly. Web accessibility is defined […]


Coffee 2014

Motion Graphics Team // Motion Graphics

Our motion graphics team created something to start off the year right. Here’s wishing you a great 2014, and may your coffee be delicious!


Real-World Analytics

Brian Edgin // User Experience Architect

Personalization, Visitor Tracking, Visitor Profile, Traffic Source, Visit Duration, Bounce Rate, Targeted Ad, Funnel Tracking, Impressions, Clickthrough, Conversion, A/B Test… If you were told that this article directly relates to the terms above, you would be forgiven for thinking it was about the Internet. It’s not. It’s about going to the mall, a restaurant or […]


Welcome to the Post-Mobile World

Joe Wilson & Anh Ta // Digital Project Manager & Digital Strategist

Information has undergone massive shifts with each sea change in technology. Humans started with the spoken word. Then the written word transformed our view of the world; information no longer had to be memorized. Next came printing, electronic media, digital media and mobile. And now we’re on the verge of something profoundly exciting – the […]


Chuck E. Cheese’s Website Launch

Joe Wilson // Digital Project Manager

The Chuck E. Cheese’s website was outdated and didn’t reflect the updated character and brand work. Our goals with the redesign were to begin the Chuck E. Cheese’s experience on the website, build anticipation for the visit and make it easy for mom to get the information she needed. We had three types of guests […]