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Redefining Roofing

In an era where digital transformation is reshaping industries across the board, the traditional roofing industry might appear as an unexpected contender. Yet we embarked on a groundbreaking project with a client whose aim was to usher the roofing industry into the digital age. We crafted a state-of-the-art, fully digital platform for obtaining roofing quotes and making purchases. With this ambitious project, we sought to drastically enhance customer experience through swift and efficient quotation processes. Notably, this isn’t our first collaboration with the client. We had previously designed their website, which laid a strong foundation for our ongoing relationship.

Gunner Roofing website on multiple device screens

Power of Visualization and Convenience

Key features include a 3D visualization tool, a scheduling system, and an integrated DocuSign component, ensuring a seamless documentation and agreement process. The 3D interactive design model of the customer’s home has revolutionized the way homeowners view and select roof colors. This tool has empowered customers, giving them the ability to handpick suitable roof colors, leading to more confident decision-making. Furthermore, homeowners can now purchase their desired roof online and monitor the project’s progress through a dedicated customer portal. Complementing this, the online scheduling system offers homeowners the ease of booking installation appointments aligned with their schedules.

Gunner Roofing website on multiple device screens

Building on Atlas: A Strategic Decision

In our quest for peak performance, integration efficiency, and sustainable scalability, we harnessed a suite of top-tier technologies. Our back-end relied on a content management system (CMS) powered by WordPress, streamlining integration with several third-party systems. The front-end showcased a React App steered by NextJS, seamlessly integrated with WP Engine’s Atlas framework. We further employed the Atlas Content Modeler for the back-end data framework, which made data model crafting and content structuring more intuitive.

Choosing the Atlas framework was a strategic move based on several criteria – speed, stability, scalability, and traffic handling capabilities. This headless solution offered improved performance and caching capabilities, ensuring that the platform was future-ready. The flexibility of Atlas, with its multi-tenant architecture, allowed us to quickly cater to diverse client needs. The availability of numerous options for API calls also facilitated easy integration with other systems and services, creating a seamless user experience.

As our site continues to expand, this strategic technological foundation positions us well for the forthcoming addition of an insurance portal tailored for Gunner’s insurance partners. Moreover, we’re gearing up to provide homeowners the convenience of purchasing solar shingles, siding, windows, and doors online, further enhancing our platform’s offerings.

Gunner Roofing website on multiple device screens

Results That Speak Volumes

Our digital intervention translated to a substantial elevation in the website’s performance metrics. “The implementation of our digital solution for this project resulted in significant improvements to the client’s website performance, as evidenced by the data collected from SEMrush and Google Search Console (GSC),” said Anton W., Senior Solution Architect, Click Here Labs. The site witnessed a staggering 504.6% surge in its keyword rankings. User engagement indicators, including click and impression counts, also witnessed a pronounced uptick. “These enhancements led to increased online visibility and user engagement, ultimately contributing to the overall success of the project.”

The platform also contributed to remarkable results in terms of sales and lead conversion. Double-digit checkouts were observed within the first month of launch, and the lead-to-install turnaround time was dramatically reduced to just two weeks. Additionally, Gunner reported that their website leads are up 450% compared to last year, with close rates up 8%. “Overall, these site improvements reflect the success of the digital strategies employed for this project as well as the positive impact of the platform’s new features and functionalities,” said Anton W. These outcomes underline the platform’s effectiveness in addressing the client’s challenges and enhancing the overall customer experience.

Overall, these site improvements reflect the success of the digital strategies employed for this project as well as the positive impact of the platform’s new features and functionalities - Anton W., Senior Solution Architect, Click Here Labs

Our Mission

Our agency is committed to revolutionizing the digital landscape by creating user-centric websites that empower businesses. By transforming traditional industries like the roofing sector, we foster growth and efficiency for our clients, delivering exceptional digital experiences that elevate their brands.

This project serves as a testament to the transformative power of digital solutions. By focusing on user experience and leveraging the right technology and strategies, we were able to turn our client’s vision into a successful reality.


  • WordPress
  • WP Engine Atlas
  • NextJS
  • React App

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