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Gunner Roofing routinely provides airtight residential repair work in the Northeast, but they admittedly had some holes to patch in their web presence.

The Connecticut-based company, which also serves parts of New York and New Jersey, sought a website redesign to freshen the look, add and promote two new lines of business, accent their customer service reputation, and improve the brand’s search visibility in the area. Could we make that work within a modest budget?

As a matter of fact, the moderate scope of the Gunner site would offer a perfect opportunity to showcase our versatility. We regularly look for ways to employ our team’s talents and smarts beyond their primary disciplines. Trying to develop a deep bench for any playing field, you might say. This is invaluable for times when other individuals or teams might be entrenched in more expansive projects.

Gunner Roofing website on multiple device screens

What We Did

In this case, we enlisted a studio designer to compose the creative concepts, as usual, but also to develop the site once the assets were approved by the client. The WordPress Genesis framework was the central development tool utilized.

This helped keep costs down for the client, who still wanted a flexible site that could expand as business and service offerings grew, like plans to add a remote roof-measuring tool, automated proposals, and online checkout. In the meantime, their legacy roofing business line as well as new window installation and siding enterprises were now better featured through galleries and educational content, including a blog and a map of the specific towns and counties they service in the tri-state area.

To help address Gunner’s search deficiencies, we first constructed a comprehensive search engine optimization analysis that included a keyword study and a survey of the chief competitors in their tri-state battleground, then formulated and executed a game plan for all site pages. The site’s Genesis framework, by the way, allows for easy content updates by the client as needs change.

Gunner Roofing website on multiple device screens

How We Did It

Gunner was founded by two brothers who believed reliability and responsibility were lacking in the home improvement industry – so it made sense to bring more attention to their customer service DNA with the redesign. Accountable mission copy, customer testimonials, and FAQ sections that covered all angles were given prominent site real estate.

The client was pleased with the results. Not only had Gunner lifted their business and customer service focus, they saw some organic search traction almost immediately.

We were also able to help Gunner comply with the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) and Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) despite the site’s creative limitations. We solved this by recommending and installing accessiBe, a script that allows the user to customize the site for their accessibility needs with the touch of a few buttons on the site. It’s worth noting that, plugin aside, our in-house quality control is rigorous about testing and directing our site builds for compliance. Second to none, really.

We were happy to help Gunner Roofing raise the ceiling for their brand, and they were delighted with the results. Guess you might even say we nailed it.

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