American Bible Society had a goal. It wanted more people to actually read the Bible. But one of the roadblocks in people’s journey to the Bible is that they have a lot of questions about the Bible. Those questions are hard to answer unless you sit down and read it. Which introduces a problem. We met with American Bible Society, and our creative and production teams began to work on an idea to solve this problem.

The main goal of the website was to gather as many questions as people had about the Bible and provide answers for those questions. To support this goal, the site needed to be simple to use and intuitive. A busy person needed to be able to open the site and find their question and its answer quickly.

The idea of combining robust search functionality with question “cards” allows users to quickly find their question and just as quickly find the answer. American Bible Society and The Richards Group partnered with other Bible groups to produce or license content that would add to the experience. Many of the answers have accompanying video content that adds to the visitor’s experience and allows them to take away even more from the website.

The creative and production groups worked together throughout the development process to design and build an easy-to-use and easy-to-understand experience for visitors. Because the two teams worked so closely together, as development or creative hurdles appeared they were easily worked around or fixed. The teams were able to work together to quickly build and launch the site.

The site continues to be utilized by visitors looking to better understand the Bible and their relationship with God. The site has also provided American Bible Society with valuable insights into what topics most interest users. These learnings helped provide real-world actionable intelligence for American Bible Society to better target its message.