Posted on July 12, 2013 by: Joe Wilson, Digital Project Manager

The Chuck E. Cheese’s website was outdated and didn’t reflect the updated character and brand work. Our goals with the redesign were to begin the Chuck E. Cheese’s experience on the website, build anticipation for the visit and make it easy for mom to get the information she needed.

We had three types of guests to consider: frequent visitors – those that know what location they are going to, new users – those doing research figuring out where to go and what to expect, and kids. It was important to ensure that there was a balance between the content needed for mom and making the site the gateway to the Chuck E. Cheese’s experience for kids, so we developed the parallax on the home page that provides an interactive way to engage with the new character. Mobile is also an important part of our users’ lives, so making the site responsive was key. In the first 90 days after launch, engagement with the site content is at an all-time high and location searches and mobile usage have significantly increased.




Chuck E. Cheese’s Website Launch