InVision – A Prototyping, Collaboration and Workflow Platform

Are you looking for a much easier way to show your designs to clients, without having to try and explain through static images, PDFs or even wireframes? Consider InVision. With the InVision app, you can now quickly transform your design into a fully interactive prototype with complete gestures and animations that can be used for the Web, iOS and Android devices. This will allow you to save time trying to explain the overall concept and spend more time enhancing and evolving your idea.

Screenshot of InVision software being displayed on a computer screen, a cellphone, and a smaller cellphone


The InVision app has a feature called LiveShare that allows you to view your design in a browser or even on a mobile device to present your prototype in real time. LiveShare has some great features, such as giving each member their own pointer and nametag, so everyone can see and know what part of the design they are referencing. The app also includes group and voice chat, with its own special conference line to use.

Screenshot of InVision software being used for collaborative purposes

Feedback and Collaboration

With the InVision app having a centralized location for comments and conversations, it makes it easy to leave feedback and comments directly on the design itself. This allows everyone to see exactly what you are referring to and prevents those back-and-forth emails that tend to build up. This basically turns your feedback into a to-do list, which you can update as you move along. Once you are done with your revisions and everyone is happy with the updates, simply mark it as completed. Even with those completed updates, you can always revert to a previous version or just show how the project has progressed over time, since the app has built-in version control.

Screenshot of a change log in InVision software

InVision offers all of this for free for one active project at a time. They do have some plans available if you would like to use it for more than one project at a time.

Here are some other great features offered by the InVision app:

  • LiveCapture: Bring the Web into InVision
  • LiveShare: In-browser design collaboration
  • LiveShare PS: Real-time design meetings inside Photoshop
  • Design file syncing
  • Version control
  • Project and asset syncing powered by Dropbox
  • Retina support for web prototypes
  • Mobile transitions, gestures and more
  • PDF exporting


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