Campus Life in a Corporate World

I recently had the opportunity to travel and do some work for a new client at the agency, Abercrombie & Fitch. Since I’d never traveled for work before, I thought it might be fun and I jumped at the chance. After being asked to go, things moved pretty fast. I would be leaving the following morning and returning five days later.

After arriving in Columbus, I connected with a few other agency members who were also on the trip. Together we got a rental car and headed to the Abercrombie campus. Upon arrival, we were all in awe. The campus sits on 300 acres of grassy meadows and wooded areas. Walking to the offices, you go down a wooden boardwalk that leads you through the woods to the main building.

People walking a wooden path in a forest

Once we were introduced to the team with whom we’d be working, we got a tour of the campus. There are several fire pits and fireplaces that they use every morning, a huge cafeteria that has a wide selection of food available, including a coffee bar, and scooters for the employees to ride around on. The campus has a lot of grassy areas and trees, which is quite the contrast to the agency.

Concrete benches around a fire pit Metal scooters lined up for use

After our tour, we found out a little more about what we’d be working on. Abercrombie is doing a complete rebranding, so everything would be changing. Things were a little chaotic because we had three days to get everything done. That’s when they were presenting all the new designs and ideas to the Chief Marketing Officer. I was tasked with updating the logo on their emails as well as creating GIFs to be placed in them. After getting situated, I got started.

I was given a thumb drive containing several emails as well as some video clips from a recent photo shoot. After going through all the videos, I chose a few clips that I thought would work for the emails and began making GIFs. Here are a few samples of the work I did:

Man in a snowball fight People sliding on snow with inner tubes People sitting around a fire

Overall, the trip was a great experience. It was fun, exciting, a little chaotic at times, and I got to help with the company’s rebranding. It was a great experience with a great, new client.

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