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Making Cancer History Campaign

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Longtime client MD Anderson not only does amazing work in the treatment of cancer, but also relentlessly pursues the end of the disease once and for all. Annually MD Anderson is one of the top cancer centers in the country, and Making Cancer History® is the battle cry.

The Making Cancer History campaign was worthy of a website separate from MD Anderson’s home site, which was primarily geared toward information on services, staff, research, and education. However, the existing framework had some limitations, especially in its ability to display multiple promotions, and even making updates took considerable time and planning.

So a fully revamped site was going to be necessary, and we were charged with creating a lighter version to serve the mission in the meantime.

MD Anderson Making Cancer History campaign on mobile and desktop screens


Our approach was twofold – find a way to offer as much real estate for promotions as possible and make the updating process as easy as eating a bowl of ice cream.

The new design used a mosaic technique, which was a visually dynamic upgrade and provided significantly more options to promote survivor and doctor stories, innovation, prevention tips, and more. The design was also flexible, allowing the spaces to be adjusted to give certain promotions display priority over others. The cherry on top of the ice cream: still plenty of room left for a video, a space eater on the old site.

All of this was done using a much more nimble back-end framework, allowing for revision times to be cut practically in half.

It’s safe to say MD Anderson was delighted with the final product. Our little-site-that-could is still going strong and has allowed the client to make producing its new website a much less urgent project.

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