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The Idea

The Dr Pepper “Pick Your Pepper” campaign launched in summer 2016 as a one-of-a-kind program empowering on-the-go Millennials to express their individuality with over 150 unique 20-oz. bottles of Dr Pepper.

For the first time in the brand’s 130-year history, Dr Pepper printed 150 different labels that showcased Millennial passion points, hobbies, and design styles of interest. The “Pick Your Pepper” bottles stood out among competitors, such as Coke and Pepsi, on retail shelf space in convenience stores, exciting distributors across the country to stock the shelves with the fun Dr Pepper designs.

Digital and social executions engaged the Millennial audience with eye-catching and highly interactive content using elements from the “Pick Your Pepper” label designs that heightened overall awareness of the limited-time program.

Dr Pepper website on desktop and mobile screens
We created digital and social executions to create depth to the campaign and inspire a “find them all” mentality, ultimately leading to repeat purchases.


The Dr Pepper “Pick Your Pepper” program sought to drive top-of-mind awareness and increase engagement with its Millennial audience. It also intended to increase frequency of purchase with on-the-go Millennial consumers at convenience stores.

We created digital and social executions to create depth to the campaign and inspire a “find them all” mentality, ultimately leading to repeat purchases. These executions were measured against industry-standard engagement rate, reach, and frequency metrics.

Dr Pepper website on mobile screens


The digital and social ecosystem for the “Pick Your Pepper” campaign included paid and organic social content on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter; a sponsored poll on Tinder; an influencer program; digital video; and a “Pick Your Pepper” landing page featuring a GIF engine.

To enable fans to share their creativity and love of the “Pick Your Pepper” campaign, new GIF animation technology launched on the campaign landing page and was promoted in paid and organic social posts. The “Pick Your Pepper” GIF engine let users create their own GIF using design elements from the labels, including backgrounds, logos, and special-effects animation. Users could explore over 2,500 GIF combinations. The landing page included a digital Hall of Labels showcasing all 150 unique label designs. Fans could search for and share their favorite label on the social media platform of their choice.

Dr Pepper website on desktop and mobile screens


Despite strong competition from the “Share a Coke and a Song” and “Pepsi Emoji” campaigns, 20-oz. Dr Pepper sales outperformed key competitors across volume, dollar, and velocity during the campaign.

Overall, results were positive on all digital and social executions. Organic social content saw twice the number of posts perform above Dr Pepper campaign benchmarks and a 6.6 percent higher positive sentiment than typical daily Dr Pepper conversation. Organic social content drove additional awareness of the “Pick Your Pepper” bottles and performed 17 percent above benchmark.

The “Pick Your Pepper” landing page earned an average time spent of 3 minutes and 12 seconds, the highest time-spent average across all Keurig Dr Pepper websites. In three months, nearly 40,000 users visited the landing page and accounted for almost 200,000 actions such as clicks and taps on the site. Those users shared their GIF engine creations a total of 3,930 times, suggesting that the users who interacted with the GIF engine found it highly engaging and spent quality time engaging with the brand.


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