How Adobe CC Libraries Will Make Designing Easier!

As I talk to my fellow design friends, not many know about or utilize the Adobe Creative Cloud (CC) Library. This is a drag-and-drop library that alphabetically holds images, logos, colors, and styles mapped for time efficacy. It even works across most Adobe applications (Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, etc.).

How Do CC Libraries Work?

Sharing common assets such as graphics, colors, character styles, and style guides in a team library makes it easy to collaborate and maintain consistency across projects. Once assets are saved to CC Libraries, you can easily and quickly reuse them in your designs – in the same file, another project, or another app, even if you’re offline – without worrying that you’ll grab the wrong versions. Any updates made will appear in the library automatically.

All you have to do is drag and drop an asset from the library and it creates a linked file, or hold the option key while dragging and it creates a smart object. Easy peasy!

How Time-Consuming Is Working Without a Library?

How many folders do you have to go through to get to the desired logo/element? Or do you have it in a folder on your desktop? (Not good when someone else needs to work on the file.) Maybe something has changed, and you are still using the old logo or color on your computer? With CC Libraries, everything will always be up to date and correct.

With a Master CC Library, Brand Standard Elements Are One Click Away!

Adobe CC library with brand elements

You Can Easily Switch Between Client Libraries!

Adobe CC library for multiple clients

Having a Master Client Library will save art directors and production artists time by always having the correct colors, logos, and commonly used design elements at your fingertips. It will also reduce the instances of wrong logos or colors being used. A standardized master library will ensure that correct files are always being used.

Are YOU Interested in a Master Client Library?

Right now, we have the ability to create our own libraries; however, we do not have the Adobe service turned on to be able to share or create a Master Client Library. If you are interested in having a Master Client Library, please email me at with just a “Yes to Master Library” in the subject line. If I can get a tally of interested people, we might be able to get the sharing libraries service turned on and therefore work more efficiently!


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