Tall tales and creative twists of the truth are a Texas tradition. What better way to start a new tradition than with a Texas-brewed beer brand? Our client ZiegenBock came to us with a need for a new website to spread the word, and our team took some famous Texas tall tales and turned them into an animated experience worth talking about.

Each of the stories presented its own opportunity for a fun challenge. How could we best show these legends alongside a legendary beer? After our creative and development teams put their heads together, each story started to take on a life of its own. Letting those ideas brew, we landed on a cohesive plan for a website that would show off the brand with a heaping helping of Texas swagger.

Each story was saddled with a series of animations that not only showcased the story and the beer, but also kept the eye moving down the page with on-scroll motion – driving the visitor to continue to the next part of the page. Simple design with solid animation and development helped make this launch a success.

Whether talking about the Marfa lights or the chupacabra, Texas Amber or DuneSkier, the site we launched for ZiegenBock brought a taste of Texas for everyone to enjoy.