Our client Wolf, maker of distinguished kitchen and cooking equipment, was keen to reverse a trend that has seen less than half of our meals being prepared at home these days. It was time to “Reclaim the Kitchen.”

So we collaborated on a website with that theme and a simple audience directive: Just cook. Start with one fresh meal a week. Enjoy the cooking process. Gather the family. Savor the meal. Go from there.

The creative, user experience, and development teams baked up a parallax scrolling site that featured juicy imagery and some pretty ingenious animation. One of our senior developers crafted a JavaScript module so the custom animations could easily be added based on scroll position. This also helped functionality in the mobile environment.

Our “cooking utensils” of choice for this project were HTML, CSS3, JavaScript, Node Package Manager (npm), and Grunt.

Was it easy? No. Rewarding? Yes!

And the results were tasty:

  • The site had 1.2 million views in three months and 3 million earned media impressions for the “cause” – and mentions in nearly 200 articles. Socially, thousands of likes, shares, and comments (including personal stories and inspirational messages) were posted.
  • Qualitative and quantitative research showed Wolf received credit for the communication and was seen as a brand that cares about good food, cooking, and family.
  • Wolf was also appreciated for sharing its philosophy instead of pushing products, and 89 percent of people surveyed felt they would consider Wolf when in the market for a future kitchen remodel or new home. Just as important: 70 percent of respondents also were persuaded to make more meals at home. Hmmm. You mean…Reclaim the Kitchen?