North Texas Financial Network (NTFN) is a full-service mortgage banker that has been around for over 25 years. In that time, it has built a strong reputation based on referrals and satisfied customers. As licensed mortgage bankers, they work with investors across the country to offer personalized customer service and to offer stability and proven leadership in the industry.

So how do you help bring the mortgage industry into the 21st century, and simultaneously create an online experience that gives homebuyers and homeowners the information they need in a quick and concise way? That was the very opportunity presented to us by NTFN, and the beginning of the first in a series of website redesign projects and overall rebranding effort.

Can I afford that house with the “for sale” sign? Should I go with a fixed rate or an adjustable rate mortgage (ARM)? Whether purchasing or refinancing, the home loan process is never an easy one. Finding the right lender, and even the right location, can be a nightmare. To help NTFN achieve its vision and also to help customers wade through the sea of often confusing information, we set out to build a modern and streamlined website that would offer the information customers need without all the fluff.

Knowing this was an undertaking that was going to involve multiple websites with a core team maintaining them, we made the recommendation of moving forward with a WordPress multisite platform. This not only allows the scalability needed by NTFN, but also allows for the ease of use and intuitive user interface that would be needed across all of the NTFN web properties.

Backed by a combination of strong user experience and creative design, the development team compiled all of the business, functional, and technical requirements to construct a series of modules that could be used not only on the Premier Nationwide Lending website, but also utilized on the other NTFN sites.

From financial calculators to collapsible tables, interactive maps to user-generated content, the Premier Nationwide Lending website was assembled in a way that allows massive flexibility for the NTFN team and room for growth as the industry shifts. While the information may be complex, we were able to structure it in a way that leads the user to what they need in the most efficient way possible.

Launched in June 2018, the site was an immediate hit with the client team, and their customers loved it too.