Getting kids to eat healthy isn’t always easy for parents. Sometimes, parents don’t know what kinds of foods to give their kids or how to introduce new foods to a finicky eater. When we launched the Start Strong campaign, we wanted to show that Mott’s was serious about helping parents and kids lead healthier lives. To help do that, we launched Teachable Tastes, which helps teach families the fundamentals of healthy eating by cooking together.

In addition to producing a number of videos highlighting tips and tricks to explore new food in the kitchen, we put our collective heads together to make it fun and interactive for everyone involved. This, with the help of some of the top child nutritionists in the country, helped us create a program that genuinely helps families Start Strong.

To make the experience easy to navigate in and out of the kitchen, we needed a way to get parents and kids to the juicy stuff as quickly as possible. To do this, we broke down the different kinds of attributes that can cause kids to have hesitation when trying new foods (texture, appearance, flavor, and aroma), and allowed parents to use these as filters to get to the root of the problem. Each attribute was accompanied by a contextual video and a series of recipes that had been cross-referenced with the attribute.

Each recipe combines step-by-step instructions that split the cooking between parents and kids, an interactive grocery list, and expandable fun food facts that give more context to the recipe each step of the way.

In testing done after launch, Teachable Tastes visitors were 14 percent more likely to identify the brand purpose (“Mott’s partners with families to help build healthy lives”) to describe Mott’s compared to those who only visited the rest of the website. Visitors spent an average of 33 percent more time with Teachable Tastes recipes than with Mott’s recipes, an average of 1 minute 21 seconds with Teachable Tastes recipes. Visitors spent almost twice as long in the “Expert Tips” section of the site at 1 minute 50 seconds. Almost 90 percent of respondents said they were “very likely” to purchase Mott’s products after visiting Teachable Tastes, and 70 percent said the content was relevant to them as a parent.