Pedia-Lax – Digital Marketing


With Pedia-Lax being the only comprehensive line of constipation relief products made specially for kids, we knew we needed to educate parents not only about this line, but about what pediatric constipation is and the causes of it. What better way to accomplish this than to rally moms in an educational movement – and, of course, no rally is complete without a rallying cry; therefore, we began the movement for…“Give Poop A Chance.”


Our overarching goal for the “Give Poop A Chance” campaign was to grow sales over previous years by generating awareness of the brand. Specifically, the digital campaign goals were to improve interaction and response rates from historical brand campaigns.

Implementation got a full makeover for the campaign. The site was redesigned to be functional, educational and engaging for moms. We know this can be an emotional subject, so we wanted to make sure the creative made site visitors comfortable. To do this, we built the site to include the “Poop Quiz,” meant to engage and educate moms. The site refresh also included a user experience overhaul, with the goal of the revised user flow being to give moms an intuitive path to understand their child’s digestive problems and to learn how to remedy them.

In addition to the site redesign, we ran a set of display ads that drove people to the site. “Poop Quiz” was the first of a set of display ads that set out to engage moms in the movement. “Poop” is a word moms are all too familiar with – but not in advertising – so we took full advantage of the space.

Rather than implement the quiz inside ad units, though, we wanted to drive moms to our site to earn their “PhD in Poopology” and learn about pediatric constipation, with Pedia-Lax as their partner.

Ads were placed on sites targeted to moms with kids aged 2-11. We also aligned content with creative by targeting sections on sites related to children’s health.


By helping moms earn their “Masters in Movement,” we exceeded product sales goals for 2011.

Clickthrough and interaction rates of the “Poop Quiz” ad unit were double the metrics of the previous brand campaign. In addition to improved metrics, we received numerous requests for the “Give Poop A Chance” button, with feedback that not only did moms find it humorous, they were delighted that someone was actually talking about the problem.

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