MetroPCS – Deron’s World


MetroPCS was looking for a way to extend its partnership with a well-known NBA celebrity (Deron Williams) to produce content to run on its in-store video screens in thousands of its stores across the country.

MetroPCS had a limited budget to put against this production, but it still wanted the final video to show consumers that MetroPCS is a high-tech company that provided the latest and greatest handsets. And as an added variable to work around, it had a limited amount of time to shoot with Deron to capture live-action footage with the NBA star to be used for this video.


Our team came back with a solution that involved a simple green-screen video shoot with Deron Williams married with post-graphics and animation that would be developed in-house by our motion graphics team. In this manner, we were able to reduce the number of hours needed to capture live footage for the video, and then could devote time in post-production to add animation that would be created to complement the live-action footage to bring the video to life.


Our motion graphics team worked seamlessly with the core creative team and producer to ensure all of these elements would work well together. The team collaborated well together and was able to field many changes/requests from the client from preproduction through the development phase.


MetroPCS was very pleased with the way the animation took the video to an entirely different level of engagement and production quality. Starting with basic footage of Deron talking on camera with a green-screen background, the video came to life with a constant influx of swirling apps, various graphics to support the messages being delivered, and even an Android character flying in and out and interacting with Deron in a very engaging way. The final product exceeded the client’s expectations and ran in-store for several months, gaining many positive reactions from customers in-store.

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