Go RVing – Website Redesign


As Go RVing prepared to kick off Phase V of its advertising and marketing effort with the “AWAY” campaign, the current GoRVing.com website needed to be updated to reflect the new creative that would be debuting on TV, in print and online in early Q1 of 2012. Rather than simply addressing the design and visual elements of the site, the decision was made to rebuild the site altogether to make sure the site content and user experience kept pace with the huge growth in consumption of online content via mobile devices.

The previous site was built entirely in Flash, meaning it was not accessible on a mobile or tablet device, which limited the user experience. Programming in Flash also limited Go RVing’s ability to make simple site updates, as the code had to be torn open and hard coded each time. The current website was built with a focus on user engagement and interactivity. As we prepared to launch the AWAY campaign, Go RVing wanted to shift the focus and concentrate on delivering RV content to users as quickly and easily as possible.


Given these goals and the established areas of improvement on the current website, we built Go RVing a brand-new consumer website. Utilizing HTML5 programming technology as well as responsive web design, we built a site that could not only be viewable on all devices, but would also adapt to whatever screen and platform were being used. The site features a robust content management system back-end utilizing Click Here Lab’s proprietary CMS, allowing Go RVing to easily make quick updates to site content without the need of a programmer.

Knowing the website does the majority of Go RVing’s heavy lifting in communicating relevant information on RVs and RV travel to the public, the site was designed with a simple navigation structure and grid-like layout to allow information to be easily found and consumed. We also engaged our digital strategy and user experience teams to help identify key content and functionality to streamline the user experience. Since encouraging consumers to find and visit a local dealer in their area is an extremely important initiative for the Coalition, we always keep this call to action top of mind via a constant button in the header navigation on every page.

One major new feature of the enhanced Go RVing website is the Find My RV tool. The tool serves to help engage users and give them some general tips on the RV types that might be best for them. After asking questions about their RV preferences, offering suggestions on activities and highlighting RV amenities, the tool recommends the visitor’s top RV types based upon their answers. The redesigned site also featured a new section – Campfire Conversations – that houses a collection of testimonial videos from RVers to help inspire potential prospects and tout the benefits of RVing.


The redesign was met with a very positive response, exceeding key benchmarks from the prior site in almost every category. Page views increased 10% to 7,527,794 for the year. We’re also very encouraged to see that the new site is getting information to users quickly and efficiently. In 2012, users viewed roughly the same number of pages per visit, but spent an average of just over two minutes on the site, down from about two and a half minutes in 2011.

The responsive design mobile version of GoRVing.com received 233,169 visits in 2012 – a great gain given that previously the website was not viewable on a mobile or tablet device. All in all, cumulative leads for the year were up 35% versus 2011.


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