Gander Mountain – Digital Marketing


Gander Mountain stands as the ultimate retail destination for the outdoorsman who is passionate about hunting, fishing, camping and other outdoor activities. It faces several competitors from other outdoor-focused retailers, such as Bass Pro Shops, Cabela’s and REI, as well as more broad retailers such as Dick’s Sporting Goods and Walmart that all have heavy marketing dollars. Gander Mountain is outspent in advertising by its direct competitors year over year. We needed to find a way to increase online sales in this highly competitive market with the limited resources available.

To make the most of a small media budget, we wanted to take advantage of specific product deals that were also offered online and feature them in our online ad units. This would mirror the offline direct response strategy and apply it to the online world. The primary challenge would be customizing many different creative units quickly and efficiently.


Our primary goal was to drive a $6.50 return on ad spend from sales on Our secondary goal was to build awareness of the Gander Mountain brand and the breadth of outdoor gear it carries.


We utilized MediaMind and its Smart Versioning product as a way to quickly produce display ads once new deals became available. Once we created a template of the display ads, we were able to quickly change the image, copy and price as needed. All of the display ads were customized to mirror the in-store specials and offline marketing activities. This gave outdoor enthusiasts and Gander Mountain loyalists a cohesive, simple marketing message to digest, as well as an easily identifiable brand image.

Our media was targeted to the Outdoor Enthusiast Male 25-54 to home in on the core consumer of Gander Mountain. We utilized many different types of targeting, such as look-alike, predictive, behavioral and retargeting.


Surpassing our goal of $6.50 return on ad spend, we achieved a $9.92 ROAS on our direct response campaign. For each dollar we spent, we received a return of almost 10 times that. We served roughly 100 million impressions in four months, extending the reach across the Web to our core outdoor target.

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