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A Three-Phased Approach to Being a More Proactive Project Manager

Collin Smith // Digital Project Manager

The beginning of every project is a crucial time. It sets the tone for the entire project and can either propel you forward or weigh you down, depending on how you approach the unknowns. Project managers have the responsibility to their clients and internal teams to help prepare for the inevitable pitfalls and issues that […]

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Estimates? We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Estimates

Joe Wilson // Production Director

There has been a “conversation” going on in project management circles for the better part of five years about the practicality of doing estimates and whether we should just stop even trying. I use the quotation marks because it more closely resembles the political shouting match you enjoy with your uncle once a year at […]

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The Project Manager-Producer Hybrid

Katherine Broyles // Project Manager

I’ve been called many things in my agency career: account executive, traffic manager, project manager, digital producer. Not only is my mom confused by what any of those titles mean, but it seems like the agency world is also confused by how each of these titles is different from the other. Are the roles and […]

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Estimation and Assumptions 101

Jim Elmer // Project Manager

In an agency environment, estimating and assumptions are a big part of the job for most of us. However, there’s always a tendency to try and get quick estimates, or the infamous “ballpark” when there isn’t time to thoroughly estimate a project. Given the frequent need for these quick-turn estimates, here are a few key […]

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Surviving The Project Wilderness

Joe Wilson // Production Director

Project Initiation Early in 2015, I made up my mind to attempt a solo thru-hike of the Lone Star Hiking Trail (LSHT). At 128 miles (with loops), the LSHT is the longest wilderness footpath in Texas. It runs through the 163,037-acre Sam Houston National Forest about 50 miles north of Houston. Considering it would be […]

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The Project Manager’s Toolbox

Katherine Broyles // Project Manager

What do you do? It’s a question with which we’re all too familiar. Unfortunately, after six years, I still haven’t found a concise way to describe my job title. Other agency disciplines can be consolidated into a single action verb: creatives create, strategists strategize, producers produce. Project managers manage projects? The ambiguity of our job […]