Inspiration Invitation

Woman doing yoga pose

Our new building is amazing in so many ways:
The bigger stairwell.
The open, collaborative atmosphere.
The stunning views of downtown.
But my favorite addition is the yoga room.

It’s a safe, quiet place to reconnect.
To heal my body.
To regain lost energy.

The word “yoga” often strikes fear in the minds of beginners. The first thing people think is, “I can’t do that. I’m not flexible enough!”

That mentality – while popular – is inaccurate.
Flexibility is a benefit of yoga.
Not a requirement for starting a practice.

Let’s say you’re 1/10th as flexible as that person in the front row. It doesn’t matter. If you try 100% the right way, you get 100% of the benefit – same as everybody else. Depth in a posture is not the true purpose of yoga.

The true purpose of yoga is connection. Connection between your body and mind. Connection with your breath. And, ultimately, your true Self.

Yes, yoga can heal arthritis, reduce pain in your joints and eliminate asthma. It can help you lose weight, improve your sleep, strengthen your spine and inspire you to eat better. It can give you a better-looking butt, leaner muscles and the ability to stay calm in rush-hour traffic. There are hundreds of benefits to practicing.

But if you come into the room and connect, you’re doing yoga.
And you’re doing it well.

When you connect, you’re calm.
You’re calm, your mind is clear.
And when your mind’s clear, the creativity flows.
A pretty nice benefit.
Especially working at a place that values creativity so much.

It doesn’t matter one iota if you can put your foot over your head.

So how do you connect?

One way is by looking at yourself in the yoga room mirror.
And looking without judgment.

Whom do you see looking back at you?

Maybe you see a runner who’s pounded the pavement for years and is now feeling the pain. Or maybe your back’s injured, and you’re looking for a way to avoid spine surgery. Or maybe you’re just looking for a new experience.

People participating in a yoga class.
Whatever your story is, if you’re willing to take that first class and risk feeling a little silly or insecure, the benefits are rewarding, You may surprise yourself and discover someone you didn’t know was in there – an inner yogi!

Don’t be surprised if you run into some unexpected yogis as well (Chuck, Brad, Mary Anne and Gary)!

Don’t think of this as just a blog post.
Think of it as an invitation.
An invitation to come to the 18th floor.
And connect in a whole new way.

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